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Mick, the Netherlands

Bahar, Yobba Association Turkey

This week in Sweden really changed my life. It was building up to that point, but it for sure was the 'end' of a certain phase in my life. And as ends lead to new beginnings, I am just grateful for all transformations that came to me.



Doesn't mean I figured it all out of course. But I am confident and excited to go over this path with curiousity. For now that means Deepdance as a carreer and exploring a healthy lifestyle. That last thing really does me so good, that I wonder why I never made that change before. I guess I just wasn't ready for it yet.

One place where you don't have to pretend like you are someone else, one place where you will be accepted as you are. 


One place where you will find unconditional love, one place where you can be whoever you want, one place where you can be yourself, with your flaws, your mistakes, your ups and downs.


The place where you meet the people you were destined to meet, the one place where one language is spoken: dance.


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