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NGO "Well-being Lab" is an educational organization born to make well-being tools attractive and accessbile to everyone. Organization gathers qualified psychologists, educators, project managers and trainers. We work with young people aged 18 to 30 years old and youth workers who work with young people in Malmö, Sweden, and other countries in Europe. The main areas of our work are non-formal education, youth inclusion, well-being, and mental health.


We use different approaches and methods in our work to bring the understanding of well-being, mental health, inclusion,  and empathy-based communication. Our mission is to create a platform for young people from different backgrounds and youth workers in Sweden and abroad to talk about well-being and their mental health so that we can prevent burnout and mental health-related illnesses and live a healthier and more balanced life.





Is a certified clinical psychologist and licensed transpersonal psychotherapist. Through her work she helps people rediscover who they are, to see the beauty of their own beings, to live healthier and take responsibility for their own life and happiness. 



Is a social entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator, TEDx speaker, co-author of a collaborative book “A mile in our shoes: stories of our global journeys’’, ChangemakerXchange facilitator, and an Intercultural Citizenship Education Trainer. Her passion lies in facilitating and creating spaces for human connection and potential to flourish. She helps people to let go of what is holding them back from living a life of purpose and meaning while caring for their personal and team's well-being and mental health.



Ieva is the one who makes things happen. With her project manager skills built managing educational projects since 2013, her legal education and certifications as mindfulness instructor, Ieva unites these diverse practices offering her lead as project manager. Besides, her personal value is to "walk the talk" hence Ieva is a committed practitioner of middle way meditation.

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board member

Carina is a multifaceted professional, serving as an entrepreneur, educator, coach, facilitator, and co-author of the collaborative book "The Spirit of Business in the Future." Drawing on her background and extensive experience as a leader and manager, Carina combines her leadership insights with a genuine interest in understanding people and their potential for conscious and sustainable development. This holistic approach guides her consulting and facilitation efforts, emphasizing a comprehensive view of growth and progress. Her passion lies in crafting and guiding transformative learning experiences that enhance leadership skills, inspiring new perspectives, and promote sustainability from a systemic standpoint encompassing society, organizations, and individuals. Through her work, she aims to make an exponential impact, contributing to the creation of a brave, compassionate, and sustainable world.

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board member

board member

An Aussie, mixed with Spanish and Argentinian blood and a resident of Malmö for the last 19 years. Lisa has worked in the retail/marketing/airport/commercial real estate and the hospitality sector over the last 25 years on  an international level with a focus on concept and strategy development, leadership training, customer focus strategies and how to work in the 21st Century with the main essence of mankind – humanising what we do and getting the best out of it. Lisa is also an active social entrepreneur and sits on the board of Business and Professional Women’s Network for both the Malmö organisation and  BPW Sweden with a focus on lifting and working actively with women’s rights in the areas of equality, gender empowerment, sustainability in the workplace, economic competence, well being and career competence. 

With a diverse background encompassing experience in start-ups, business development, project management, event coordination, and CSR, along with a robust network within the start-up and innovation industry, Christian is poised to be a valuable guide in navigating the fast-growing South Swedish start-up ecosystem.

His primary objective is to assist start-ups and SMEs in fortifying and expanding their businesses, enhancing performance, marketing strategies, and leadership skills in a sustainable manner. He achieves this by harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies.

Christian is readily available for discussions on LinkedIn or any preferred platform, eager to engage in various projects of differing complexities, all with a steadfast commitment to shaping a sustainable future.


Well-being Lab was formally established as an NGO in 2019 in Malmo (Sweden) by a group of trained practitioners, who were working with varied activities since 2016 with a focus on well-being workshops and seminars, consciousness, psychology, inclusion, youth events, mentoring, coaching and healing practices. We have continued this legacy of work today and our  main objectives of the organization is to help young people and youth workers to gain new knowledge and competences through non-formal education methods on the areas of well-being, mental health, and empathy building. 


In addition to this, we are empowering young people from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to participate actively in the civil society. We are promoting the development of the well-being practices for inclusion and better mental health. 

Specific activities we actively work with are:

  • Community workshops, open for everyone, introducing youth work and well-being tools

  • Youth exchanges and training courses

  • Professional Trainings for youth workers on well-being methods

  • 9 months long Well-being Facilitators training

  • Erasmus+ partnerships

  • Well-being retreats in Sweden and abroad

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