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NGO "Well-being Lab" is an educational organization, established in 2019 in Malmö, Sweden. We offer events and tools that transform the lives.

  • EU fully funded trainings in Sweden & Abroad for human educators and young adults

  • Well-being facilitator trainings

  • Retreats

  • Wicked Wellbeing

  • Your Democracy

  • All about the BurnOut

  • Retreats

  • Join events/projects

  • Become partner

  • Intern with us

  • Be mentored



Wicked Wellbeing Retreat

12-17th June 2024, Floda, Sweden

Well-being tools are attractive. And they can be playfully incorporated into daily routines. With a drop of empowerment from likeminded community, with access to individually aligned and crafted tools the incorporation becomes like a treat - easy and delicious.

Retreat is fully funded by the European Union, is open for the residents of Sweden aged 18-25. Prior commitment to own well-being will be requested in order to receive a fully funded spot - participants will be requested to attend 3 online well-being labs prior to the retreat.

For more information and application process, you can send us an email:


Nourish and Prosper Retreat

November 2024, Kroderen, Norway

This retreat is a place to take a step back from your roles and responsibilities in life and recharge in the beautiful surroundings of Norwegian nature.

This is a place to explore the resources of your wholeness, your innate human capacities which enable you to step into life more fully and meaningfully, supporting your journey, and allowing you to transform and connect with your place in the world.

We will facilitate a journey of self-reflection on what holds dear to your heart and will help you to step into 2025 with a clear vision of your dreams, aspirations, and an action plan, so that you would come closer to fulfilling all of your personal and professional desires for the rest of the year or maybe even the rest of your life.

You will be supported in releasing what’s holding you back in life: limiting beliefs, thoughts, and old stories that tell you to show up smaller in life, fears and self-doubts, energetic blocks, trauma, and anything, which is preventing you from living and creating a life of your dreams.

For more information and application process, you can send us an email:

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