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My Body My Earth

The AIM was:

heal one's relationship with the “other”, seen both as the other human being, environment, or biosphere, one needs to heal the relationship with oneself. Human beings live increasingly as if dissociated from the Earth’s Biosphere as from the Self. The dissociation leads to alienation and is reflected in the way we treat our body and our emotions, which subsequently is affecting the way we treat our extended body, the Earth. The foundation to a long lasting transformation is the experience of connectedness with oneself. By taking responsibility for our own body and health, we take care of Earth, and set the foundation to a collective inner ecology. This is a return to a right relationship with our Body, our Being, with Earth and with our fellow human beings.


The project was linked to the objectives of Europe 2030 aiming for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the society and individuals, the objectives of Erasmus + Programme and national strategies of participating countries. Project especially supported the critical thinking and sense of initiative of young people to take the innovative look at the existing sustainability approaches. The participants had space to work on new initiatives in the framework of inner ecology and it's impact on personal life choices. The youth exchange also increased critical thinking of youths with the aim to make their future more aligned with their surroundings. 

Objectives of the project were:

- raise awareness about climate change and know the principles of deep ecology, develop a certain level of ecological consciousness; 


acquire good practices to address climate change and live more sustainably and balanced in alignment with the body's needs and with the available renewable natural resources; 


- reevaluation of our values and lifestyles, both for our own physical and mental health, as well as for the health of our planet; 

- build a healthier relationship both with the body and with the biosphere, based on connection, identification and awareness;

- break down the rigid distinctions drawn between us and our environment and facilitate the experience of interconnectedness;

-  set the foundations of a collective inner ecology; 


- create network of partners to follow up this topic; promote other ERASMUS+ initiatives tackling the issue; 

The Youth Exchange brought together 48 participants from Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands,  Lithuania & Ukraine. We spend 7 days together contributing to each other's personal growth with the help of non-formal education and group learning. The Youth Exchange took part 8-16th of October 2022 in Sweden.

For more information:

A luscious forest, a sandy beach and rocky hills covered in moss and various flora that surround Friluftsanläggningen Bockaberg were the answer to solving many problems to 48 stressed souls that are navigating the ever-changing and unrestless modern world. Was this the perfect getaway for the participants coming from 5 distinct, yet close countries? We think yes! Here are some reasons why.

THE LOCATION. The organizers couldn't have picked a better place for a project like this. The marvelous Swedish nature surely left an impact on the majority of the participants. One could quickly hear "This is a place to be" from one's friends and neighbours on the very first day.

THE WORKSHOPS. The sheer amount of different workshop and activities covering topics ranging from being more in touch with yourself to doing the same with the Earth surrounding us was impressive. But the range of the topics didn't stop there! The participants got to know more about sustainable lifestyle, be more aware of the problems their individual ecological countries and the rest of the world are facing.

THE FACILITATORS. Karolina Mazetyte and Karina Minda are the true masters of their craft. Not often do you meet people who are so passionate about what they are doing and encouraging others to think like they do without any judgment or interference. Karolina and Karina were those essential cogs that kept the show running.

THE PARTICIPANTS. No event, project or programme is ever complete without the participants themselves. And the roundup of this project was truly unique. Participants from Greece, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine really brought a piece to complete this diverse puzzle. New connections were made, stories were shared, exchanges in all forms were made!

My Body, My Earth was truly an amazing Erasmus experience in so many regards!

Marius Simonavicius

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