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ERASMUS+ Cooperation partnerships in youth

Project number: KA220-YOU-11D02DD2


Project Partners:

Well-being Lab (Sweden)



Larpifiers AMKE (Greece)


The primary objective of the BE YOU project is to address and alleviate social and professional anxiety among young people from Generation Z. The project aims to empower youth workers to contribute significantly to the personal and professional development of Generation Z through an innovative training tool, BE YOU. This tool focuses on enhancing face-to-face communication skills, time management, teamwork abilities, and self-confidence among the youth.

Implementation: The project will unfold through a series of well-defined activities, including:

  1. Creation of BE YOU Learning Kit: Comprising a comprehensive guide, an e-Learning platform, 6 workshops, and 3 Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) scenarios.

  2. Transnational Learning and Good Practice Exchange Activities: Two events bringing together 15 partner organizations' youth workers to share knowledge and best practices.

  3. BE YOU Kit Training and Testing Workshops: Conducting 6 workshops involving 150 young people for hands-on training and testing of the BE YOU learning kit.

  4. Training Workshops for Youth Workers: Delivering 6 training workshops for 75 youth workers from different organizations to equip them with the tools to effectively use BE YOU.

  5. Awareness and Motivation Campaigns: Implementing 5 campaigns to raise awareness among 1500 young people about the importance of developing skills to mitigate social and professional anxiety.

  6. Multiplier Events: Organizing 5 events with 175 participants to disseminate project outcomes and multiply the impact across various communities.

Results: The anticipated outcomes of the BE YOU project include:

  1. BE YOU Learning Kit: A comprehensive toolkit comprising a guide with 3 chapters, an e-Learning platform, 6 models of training workshops, and 3 LARP scenarios addressing specific themes.

  2. BE YOU Network: Establishing a European network with a minimum of 100 members, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  3. Prepared Youth for Integration: 150 young people better equipped with enhanced communication, time management, teamwork, and self-confidence skills, ready for successful integration into society.

  4. Youth Workers Training: 75 youth workers trained to effectively utilize the BE YOU learning kit in their support and guidance roles.

  5. Awareness Impact: 1500 young people informed about the significance of skill development in reducing social and professional anxiety, contributing to a more prepared and confident Generation Z.

Through the BE YOU project, we aim to empower both youth workers and young individuals, fostering personal and professional growth, and ultimately building a more confident and resilient Generation Z.

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