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All About the Burnout

This project is a continuation of the project “Out With Burnout” which was run for 15 months and driven by 4 organizations originating from -  Poland, Sweden, Romania, and Moldova. The project was co-created by 3 organisations from Lithuania, Sweden and Poland due to the possibility of reaching a wider audience potentially struggling with burnout. 

Burnout is the result of the accumulation of long-term unresolved stress, the consequences of which can be seen in the areas of physiology, emotions, relationships with others, etc. This process reduces well-being and has a negative impact on health. Some of its consequences are: a tendency for isolation , deterioration of interpersonal relationships, loss of interest in previous passions, difficulties in dealing with emotions, lower productivity and efficiency at work, problems with concentration, memory and creative thinking.

The ‘All About Burnout’ project focuses on increasing the knowledge about burnout, and its symptoms – how to recognize them, what they are and how to manage social burnout.

The main goal of the project is to provide social workers with the tools to combat burnout, keep their motivation high and stay in work instead of moving to redundancy or to meet social groups (consisting of people outside of employment and education).

In order to achieve the goal, the following actions are set:

  • increasing the capacity of social workers to use anti-burnout practices

  • developing a mindfulness (meditation and mindfulness practice) teaching and e-course for young people and youth workers

  • measuring the impact of mindfulness practices on youth workers and young people participating in programmes

  • establishing a group of Mindfulness instructors in the area of youth work;

  • increasing awareness of burnout in the third sector

Together with the consortium we organised three Joint Staff Trainings, each of them were focused on different objectives, learning:


  • the new attitude to work, assertiveness – organised by the ISPC (Lithuania) in July 2022

  • new methods to prevent burn out, such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, alternative self-care methods  and get back to the previous harmony in order to be able to provide other actions in the third sector without the need of changing the profession – organised by Well-Being Lab (Sweden) in February 2023

  • the organisation well-being, which focused on minimising the risk of social burnout – organized by

  •  WTZ (Poland) in June 2023


The project empowered educators and staff to counteract burnout. It provided the Association’s staff, beneficiaries, partners, target groups and third sector leaders with the right tools when it occurs.

You can download the ''All About the Burnout Toolkit'' Here: 

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