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Be Kind To Your Mind

Mental health has large intrinsic value as it relates to the core of what makes us human: the way we interact, connect, learn, work and experience, etc, it gives us the possibility to live our lives at full potential. 

According to the World Health Organization more than a quarter of the European young population has experienced at least one mental disorder in the past year, e.g. depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Yet, only a fraction of them has ever asked for (professional) help. 

Therefore, the main mission of the project is to explore non-formal methods about raising awareness for the importance of mental health in the overall frame of health and preventing mental health problems among youngsters. 

Project objectives: 

- raise awareness about the importance of mental health, especially in times of a pandemic; 
- define what mental health is, and to highlight it’s benefits
- encourage emotional support among participants during the times of pandemic
- to share ways of supporting positive mental health lifestyle through practicing self-esteem, positive affirmations, mindfulness, etc
- to empower participants to detect and talk about their feelings, fears, and thoughts
- to reduce prejudices towards the mentally ill
- to advise participants how to live a healthier lifestyle and cope with the surrounding stress, and challenges
- to gain a set of skills on how to spread awareness about mental health
- to brainstorming ideas for new projects and initiatives leading to raising awareness on the mental health stigma, which could be implemented with the support of Erasmus + Programme
- to increase knowledge of the participants on Erasmus + Programme and encourage participants to take part in non-formal-based learning activities
- to create a visual diary in form of a video and a Booklet, that will inform, empower, motivate, and spread positivity among the youth

We organised a youth exchange that took place in Floda, Sweden. It included 42 participants coming from 7 partner countries: Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, North Macedonia, Spain, and Lithuania, including 21 participants with fewer opportunities, and 7 group leaders.

The youth exchange was designed as 7 days of activities for youngsters interested in the topic of mental health and well-being, in order to increase their awareness of its importance, to spread positive thinking, and to empower and motivate youth to be actors of positive change in their local communities. It includes various indoor and outdoor activities, working individually and in groups. 

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