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BurnOut LAB



During the 7th to the 15th of September, 2022 the Youth Exchange brought together 60 participants from Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece. We spenty 7 days together contributing to each other's personal growth with the help of non-formal education and group learning.


Aim of the project:-


to raise awareness about burnout in the third sector among youths and equip ourselves and peers with support systems to prevent it and be active citizens in European  organizations & programmes. This project was the first step in a huge change empowering NGO teams, creating space for all, and initiating constructive dialogue for the change.


Objectives of the projects:-


A raise awareness about burnout among youths in NGOs, the importance of mission and passion;

B exchange our own experience and research new tools for personal soft skills;

C explore the skills of NGO management that do not lead to burnout (mindful NGO culture), learn competencies for building NGO discipline that offers development opportunities;

D empower ourselves and peers who devote their time to others (not forgetting about their private lives) & personal skills to set the limits of work-life balance in the NGO world;

E change of perspective: seeing our work as a mission and indicating and naming its emotional, psychological, or social costs

F create a network of partners to follow up on this topic

G promote other Erasmus+ initiatives tackling the issue



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