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Think Innovative. Be Entrepreneur

ERASMUS+ Partnerships for Cooperation and Exchanges of Practices

Project number: 2023-1-TR01-KA210-YOU-000159705


Project Partners:

Well-being Lab (Sweden)

Girişimci Gençlik Eğitim ve Spor Derneği (Turkey)

Girişimci Gençlik Eğitim ve Spor Derneği (Turkey)

European Initiative for Youth Empowerment, Mindfulness and Wellbeing "GO Alive" (Greece)


Our project aims to support young entrepreneurship, to encourage social entrepreneurship among young people, to reveal the entrepreneurial potential of young people, to develop alternative solutions to problems that hinder young entrepreneurship, to provide entrepreneurship training by reaching young people at the maximum level and to carry out activities for the purpose of correct and systematic career planning of young people.


In order to achieve our goals;
-With the Project Preparation Meeting, it will be ensured that the partner countries are prepared for the project activities and the needs-problems and solution proposals will be discussed. With the Young Entrepreneurship Workshop event, partner organizations will come together to design workshops and the designed works will be implemented locally.
-Workshop events will be organized.
-Youth Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Workshops will be held.


With our project, we aim:
- Developing the entrepreneurship skills of young people, who are our target audience,
- Identifying innovative solution proposals for the problems that affect the entrepreneurial aspects of young people,
- Establishing career planning of young people on solid foundations,
- Informing decision-making mechanisms about this field of activity
- By sharing the outputs; young people to convey their wishes and demands by themselves.

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