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Back to Business 

The aim of the Youth Exchange was to prepare young migrants with knowledge for the job market itself and provide the practical know-how on planning, implementing and getting through the obstacles of starting a business in a new country, which often means getting BACK to BUSINESS after a big life change. The project additionally tackled the push & pull factors of entrepreneurship among immigrants, the role of the family as a context of socialization and source of support (with a special focus on the importance of social capital) as well as the networks needed for success.


Objectives were:-


1. Equip participants with competencies in self-marketing methods in order to gain self-confidence

2. Provide participants with practical knowledge about (social) entrepreneurship

3. Exchange best immigrants entrepreneur practices, ideas and initiatives

4. Empower participants to be able to start their own business by developing necessary skills

5. Develop NFE tools to disseminate positive results of the project and create a booklet

6. Empower youth through non-formal education tools to become better agents of immigrant integration

7. Understand social, cultural and economic difference between immigrants based in partner countries

8. Provide a safe and inspiring environment to encourage future collaborations and projects


The event brought together 54 participants from Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Serbia. We spent 7 days together contributing for each other's personal growth with the help of non-formal education and group learning.

7 days were dedicated to learning about the labor market, social entrepreneurship, while building a self-care focused work routine. 


Youth BNC

Today we will tell you about the "Back to Business" Youth Exchange in which we participated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

There, they hosted young people from Sweden , Slovakia, Lithuania , Spain, Turkey , Serbia and it took place between May 9th to 17th, 2022.

Participants developed fundamental skills to recognize and understand the labour market , became aware of today's challenges in realizing a migrants' business project, and went through all stages from the development of the idea to its realization. In addition, they improved their creativity and were inspired to think innovatively.

One place where you don't have to pretend like you are someone else, one place where you will be accepted as you are, one place where you will find unconditional love, one place where you can be whoever you want, one place where you can be yourself, with your flaws, your mistakes, your ups and downs. The place where you meet the people you were destined to meet, the one place where one language is spoken: dance.

Bahar, Yobba Association Turkey

Erasmus+ is a great project funded by the European Union to promote travel, non-formal education, learning about different cultures and peoples. The huge advantage of the project is that it is free. Participants have virtually no fees. I took part in the Back to business project in 🇸🇪. From my point of view, I can only recommend the project. It is an excellent opportunity to make your studies more enjoyable than the usual boring school. I have also asked others what they think about it so that you have the opportunity to know others' opinions


„It was great experience for me. We had a lot of mindful workshops which included physical and mental health that improve our business skills in our lives. It was useful and fun. And we‘ve learned new things about us, about ourselves, about other cultures, about the ERASMUS. It was my first experience in the project like this. I was thinking but I didn‘t had any specific idea of my own business, but now I have more options to choose. But it will need a little bit of time for everything to settle down. I will bring an experience back home to Serbia.“


I feel as exited as I was on the first day of this project, my expectations were exceeded and even more. I didn‘t expected to have such a beautiful time with these wonderful people and new experiences that I‘ve had here. And everything I‘ve learned here is super important and I think it will be of my benefit. I have masters in architecture and I always had this thought that I could open my own architectural studio once I get more experience. So I think this will be the good basis for that. This is the first time in the youth exchange program. So I‘ll bring a brand new experience back home to Serbia.“


I absolutely enjoyed the Back to business project. I met so many different people and stayed in a different culture from mine. This project was in a very peaceful place, on the lake, and I can feel that I reconnected with nature. The best part was that this is for free.
I will recommend Erasmus+ to all my friends.


I think I brought in my perspective how people think, what kind if issues they‘re are dealing, what kind of situation is along the young generation and different cultures and it expanded my vision to that. I think we‘re all closed in our bubbles of our friends and we‘re kind of get stuck in it, and here you see different angles of it. Different cultures, different perspectives gives you back also different view to things. I‘‘ll bring back home probably less scepticism in my head, I think I‘ll be more acceptable to the things that comes to my life, to my head from the people around me. So I think the calmness and acceptance would be those things I‘ll bring back home to Lithuania.“


"I feel a bit sad but incredibly grateful because I had so many doubts before I came here whether it will be worth it or not. I had troubles of thinking if I can be close to people. if I can be relaxed and comfortable with people. But from the very first day I were super comfortable and super grateful. I cried for million times and then I laughed and the I partied, all kind of emotions at once. And when I think about old days the only feeling that I get with a little bit of stomach ache is happiness and gratitude. And this is one of a kind of experiences I don‘t think think just saying this will not be exactly the process we‘ve been through, but I‘m so super super grateful for every sharing, every word, every sentence that everybody shared with me. I‘m super happy to be here. Acceptance is the thing I will bring back home to Turkey.“


I want to tell you my experience with Erasmus+ project in Sweden. This project is called "Back too Business". On this project I learned to like myself, met new people, work in teams and how to start a business. And we had the best food here. 


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